Your Move

In response to a multi-year surge in fatal and serious pedestrian and bicycle crashes and epidemic levels of chronic diseases in Ohio, the Ohio Departments of Health and Transportation teamed up to encourage more Ohioans to choose active transportation and to make it safer for them to walk, bike and bus. This is one of the first joint agency initiatives of its kind in the nation. Qualitative research informed message and creative development, including focus groups and key leader interviews. The integrated, multi-channel campaign is called Your Move Ohio. It began with a pilot in fall 2016 and launched statewide in May 2017 with statewide advertising, media relations, a launch event, a robust social media campaign, educational materials and a website ( The goal is for Ohioans to “Think outside your car. Walk. Bike Bus.”

City of Westerville

MurphyEpson was hired by the City of Westerville to create a communication campaign to proactively inform and engage residents on current, upcoming construction matters and deliver on a promise to improve the City’s infrastructure. Our approach was to create concise, transparent and consistent messaging unified under one GoWesterville brand. The campaign connected roadway users to timely information to help them safely navigate to their destination during construction, and relayed to all residents the long-term benefits that would result from these short-term project inconveniences.

Our Babies Count

With 1000 babies dying every year and African American babies dying at nearly 3x the rate of white babies, it was clear Ohio needed to move to reduce its infant mortality numbers. MurphyEpson was hired to create that movement by healthcare industry leaders. Our Babies Count connects young moms-to-be to vital resources and information to prevent prematurity – the #1 cause of baby deaths in Ohio. Our approach was to reach people where they live through local events and programs to create a groundswell of awareness and education inside Ohio’s most at-risk communities. Our street teams have talked to thousands of people around the state. Social media was also huge. Our Facebook page had 1000+ followers in the first three weeks and 5000+ followers within 11 months, pretty incredible. This multi-pronged engagement strategy is helping save Ohio babies. E-toolkit and more at

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